rbs 15 vs harpoon

Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
May 23, 2018

When is the T45 going to get its Mk41Launchers, why spend money on designing and fitting for something when it is not going to be used its like designing a Farrari and giving it a Mondeo engine, pointless. after all carriers are what Spearfish is for he he he. For those of you who enjoy this type of stuff ready Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy if you have not already done so. These take up a lot of room through multiple decks. As NSM is cheaper, aiming “more than 16 NSM to a single target” will be relatively easy. https://youtu.be/L2ygYBgKnZA RBS-15 Mk 4, Gungnir: range 300km+; Warhead 200ks anti-ship. An Anglo-French project not a Franco-British project? The tactics used to defeat one missile, doesn't work against another missile if you misidentify the inbound missile. Maybe there’s a plan ?? The LRASM is really good but more expensive and would overlap capabilities with the upcoming Anglo-Franco FCASW aka Perseus . Smaller warhead, little less range. Every time that a warship is deployed it must be ready for the worst case scenario, she cannot just nip into port and be loaded for bear, port could be 10,000 miles away. Are you sure? – Tomahawk is peculiar isn’t it? If you have to use a smaller supersonic missile, it won't have the range. At the end of the day, the RN needs a capable ASM that can be fitted or integrated into all our major surface escorts. It doesn't matter how fast they are going. . The two boosters fall away soon after launch).

What is different is range: (according to PD) Harpoon Block IC/BlockII: 124 km.

It's pretty fragile stuff you can damage with your fist if you are not careful.

A crazy scenario which goes further to lower faith in the MOD/RN. It has a range of over 200nm and a 1,000lb warhead. As for LRASM, according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AGM-158C_LRASM “DARPA states its range is “greater than 200 nautical miles (370 km; 230 mi).”[15] Although the LRASM is based on the JASSM-ER, which has a range of 500 nmi (930 km; 580 mi),[16] the addition of the sensor and other features will somewhat decrease that range. This was my point. I think I would fall off my chair!! 41? The Chinese are the ones that have the most interesting possibilities. The high-end super-sonic missile (surely expensive and heavy), will come as Anglo-Franco ASM in late 2030s (I think it will naturally see a few years delay, because of very ambitious design). All these missile have a very good land attack capability. Plus Sea Ceptor. Hell I would put a couple on the OPVs especially the Falklands guardship HMS Forth. So, how do they compare? There are frequently disadvantages to supersonic AShW such as manoeuvrability, skimming altitude, target analysis, ECCM, IR/IRR profile & range. I think its terrain following capability – a database of maps which in conjunction with GPS allows the missile to follow the contours of the land. I did dig up an old article (2013) from Think Defence stating that MBDA came to an agreement with Lockheed Martin that all their missiles would be compatible with MK41, I don’t know if that held true, but I’ve seen reference to that even being the case with Aster. (3) Any stealthy design that have no effect or minimal effect in the S and L bands, will be completely USELESS not just today, but in the 70s, the 80s or at any time. The PIN states the available budget would be up to £200M, enough to buy a stock of missiles, logistic and training support until the FCASW is available in the early 2030s. Therefore, I think this requires the SBS to be tasked with acquiring one of these missiles for testing. might look overwhelming on paper but that is the high altitude mid-flight phase in a low-high-low profile. As a critical bi-lateral international project, it is important to signal to the French that I-SSGW will only be a small purchase to cover a 10-year capability gap and does not mean the UK is losing interest in FCASW. After all, Su-35s can fire Kh-95MK2 (range 550km) and P-800 Oniks (range 600km – 800km depending on variant) well beyond the range of Aster 30 (or even SM-6). But I think Tomahawk could become obsolete sooner, by S400. And have standalone ExLS units for VL-ASROC.

Failing that, what about certifying Merlin for JSM? If you are trying to create maximum reflectivity you'll cut strips of metal to about half the wavelength of the transmission you are trying to create an opaque cloud for. LRASM is not integrated with the F-35, actually there´s no plan to integrate it on Dave “B”. Yet everything has gone quiet on that front. Yes I agree that a smaller missile such as the NSM or RBS 15 is needed, five sets of eight makes sense as they can be reallocated to the T31 but surley the upgrade package to the Harpoon 1C to the II+ configuration is affordable until Perseus becomes available. @Captain Nemo I agree, there are difficult choices to be made on ASM. Yes, 60G.

Getting chased around the rafters of the Wiki Office, Central Pennsylvania (not the Battleship). To truly saturate, you need to launch the ASMs from VLSs. The RN will not have any warpons Integrated and tested on T26 for Mk. 250 km for RBS-15 Mk. This offers lower procurement and integration costs, commonality across launch platforms and commonality with allies for the UK, with a modern very capable platform. 41 to be worthwhile on Type 26 frigates any more. Mind the gap. They will also have to pay the integration of a new missile with an entirely new CMS…, 5 LRASM canister launcher setups for the t23 that can be moved to the t31 – stockpile of missiles can be also used in the t26 as it comes into service from the mk41 vls – best missile on offer with enough punch to seriously hurt enemy warships, and lets face it FCASW is in collaboration with the french – its doomed to be canceled so might as well get a good missile now and one that can be used on as wide a range of our ships as possible – maybe even the t45’s if they would get the mk41 upgrade, “and lets face it FCASW is in collaboration with the french – its doomed to be canceled so might as well get a good missile now”. Hms Darling, 1st T45, will Be 30 Years old by 2039! With high-G maneuver and good IR camera to identify the targets, it can first pretend aiming at a tanker in the task force, but suddenly turn to the high-value unit at the last moment. 41 until about 2027, by that time T45 will have less than a decade of lifetime.

I’m guessing it could even be launched from a Merlin or Wildcat if we felt like paying for the integration.

The four Type 45s with Harpoons took them from decommissioned Type 22s.

A surface-launched Spear 3 would add a lighter, precision land-attack missile, as well, possibly quad-packable in a Mk41. Could this not fill our requirement and become our main ship launched asm on our smaller platforms, and interim on our largest ones too?

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