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Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
May 23, 2018

From here you should be able to paraglide over and grab onto the side of the tower close enough to the platforms to make climbing to the top viable. Once you have 1x Goat Butter and 1x Hearty Blueshell Snail in your possession, return them to Kiana in Lurelin Village to complete this short Side-Quest.

Essentially, Riju will lend you the Thunder Helm, but first you’ll need to sort out a series of problems plaguing the residents of Gerodo Town.

This will open the roof above. Whilst Link is still standing (but still in the water) have him use Cryonis to create an ice block behind the low hanging metal wall so that you can climb up onto the platform behind the gate. Even if you don’t want to try it out just yet, it’s a good idea to activate it using the Shieka Slate for a new fast travel point on the map.

Start Location: Speak with the NPC named Rozel on the dock on the western side of the water in Lurelin Village just northwest of the large, peninsula in the southeastern section of the Faron Tower Region during the daytime. This Shrine Quest involves grabbing the glowing orb from the ruin at the end of the peninsula and carrying it all the way to the centre of the spiral peninsula. Location: Just south of the base of the Rulata Dam at the southern end of the East Reservoir Lake (where the Divine Beast Ruta was initially) to the east of Zora’s Domain. When you hear the lightning strike charge up and see the purple indicator sitting on Link, stay inside the shield. We need to destroy the wooden crate so that the block falls onto the switch. GameFAQs for always being there when I needed help and for accepting my FAQ. Loot the Treasure Chest immediately inside for a Royal Claymore. After speaking with Bludo, Boss of Goron City to begin this quest, you’ll need to head north towards the objective marker to progress with the quest. If you try to swim or paraglide in, you’ll be immediately teleported out. At the southern end of the main building, you’ll see a glowing stone statue atop the stairs. This will also activate a lift which can be ridden to the next area where, again, you’ll find another switch puzzle.

This will enable you to hop into the small capsule with the panel as it lines up with the walkway.

In a Treasure Chest in the Wastelands region (Korsh O'hu Shrine). 2. When you are ready to complete the Shrine, approach and interact with the glowing altar atop the stairs for a scene.

Upon entering the Shrine, loot the Treasure Chest for 1x Ancient Core. Ignore this for now and when facing the entry portal, climb the stairs to the left to find a small area behind the start location. At the start of this Shrine, you’ll see a large slope ahead with running water streaming down it and a series of boulders rolling down the slope. Upon beginning this Shrine, head through the gate ahead.

Light the empty brazier here with the blue flame.

It is just north of the spiral-shaped peninsula and southwest of the square island housing the labyrinth off the coast. Enter the Shrine. When the pad is glowing, take aim and shoot an arrow towards the top of Gerudo Tower. Start Location: Speak with the NPC named Tasho along the path leading northwest from the Deku Tree’s clearing in the Korok Forest to start the Side-Quest. Yunobo will hop inside. Head to the left first to find another switch, this one attached to the right-hand wall and another suspended boulder above. Hitting it enough with melee/arrows in a short period of time will temporarily stun the creature and it will sit down for a good 3-5 seconds and will not defend itself, giving you the perfect opportunity to switch to your most powerful weapon and get some solid blows in before he recovers. After speaking with Trott, you’ll be required to bring her 1x Raw Gourmet Meat. This island is a giant maze and in order to reach the Shrine which is located near the top of the large structure at the northern end of the island, we’ll need to reach the only entry point to it which can be found in the south-eastern section of the structure. In a Treasure Chest in the Ridgelands region (Mogg Latan Shrine). Next to Impa there is an orange orb like you find at shrines. As long as you do not put it away or throw it, this will allow you to run for around a minute or so without losing health due to exposure to the cold.

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