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Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
May 23, 2018

If you’ve got some free time on your hands (which we all do), take some time to watch 50 great horror movies on Tubi right now! In trying to contact the authorities, Burt and Vicky wander into a small town populated only by children, followers of sinister young preacher Isaac Chroner (John Franklin). Young twin brothers vow to protect each other when their mother comes home with her face obscured by bandages, which makes them question her identity. Jimmy Bones (Snoop “Doggy” Dogg) is a legendary protector and patron of his thriving neighborhood. Alternatively named “Destination: Infestation”, Ants On A Plane is kind of like Samuel L. Jackson’s Snakes On A Plane – only this time, it’s ants. A would-be thief (Morgana O’Reilly) is remanded to the custody of her estranged mother (Rima Te Wiata), who turns out to be correct in her assertion that evil spirits are afoot in their family domicile. The gory practical effects are especially good. When Polly dumps her too, May’s emotional instability turns violent. A gas-sniffing maniac is about to teach a young man a lesson about snooping into his affairs, and before administering a vicious beating he insists a homosexual with a backlit microphone croon a Roy Orbison tune to put him in the mood. When Donnie returns home, he finds that a jet engine has crashed into his bedroom. Realistic Burning House Display Prompts Multiple 911 Calls. The backbone of this site is the project to create the List of the 366 Best Weird Movies of all time. Refer to the product fact sheet (or relevant similar documentation) before making any purchase decision.

After being caught, the boys must accompany the pledges in a bowling alley to steal a trophy – but after the trophy breaks, and evil imp (yes, imp) reveals itself and starts to wreak havoc on the college students. I love anthology movies and Weird Fiction is definitely one of the best anthologies I've watched. The Parkers, reclusive people who cling to ancient customs, find their secret lives threatened when a torrential downpour and the death of the family matriarch forces daughters Iris and Rose to assume special responsibilities. A series of seemingly unconnected vignettes, all with a suitably satisfying jolt (including a shower scene Hitchcock would have admired) are slowly pulled together by police investigating the strange events. Man-Bok, a high school student, suffers from intense motion sickness and as a result is forced to walk everywhere she goes – including four hours to school because she can’t take the bus.

Mega Shark vs. Always on the lookout for something to watch. But his spirit is about to make a comeback.

At least that one ends a little better. The wonderful folks at Wild Eye Releasing released our film Weird Fiction back in May and yesterday it was added to Tubi! According to Tubi, they “stay free by showing short ad breaks at 12-15 minute intervals” which, if you can muster up the strength to make it through, isn’t actually a bad compromise in return for a free Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama viewing. You’re probably thinking, ‘yeah yeah, the mushroom people come and eat them’ – but oh no, it gets better than that. On the night of Ginger’s first period, she is savagely attacked by a wild creature. When that same documentary hires Bela Lugosi to narrate the tale, casting him as a seemingly omniscient, godlike character named “The Scientist” who tells the story of the oppressed cross-dresser from a living room decorated with battleaxes and skulls, we’re moving into the realm of definitely peculiar. I’ll check it out tonight. So, yeah, you’re getting a second shark movie. While it might be hard to topple Transformers off the top of the ‘giant robots fighting’ genre, Atlantic Rim certainly gives it a red hot go. Sleepaway Camp (1983): This summer camp gone slasher is the definition of campy, with an ending you’ll remember. 10 best movies on Tubi. Attack of the Mushroom People; Ants On A Plane; Queen of Walking; Satan’s School For Girls; Head of the Family; Atlantic Rim; iGirlfriend; Mega Shark vs. A US passenger plane returning from Colombia has been hijacked by an army of mutated bullet ants whose sting is described as “the most painful of all insect stings” and also, “deadly”. Celebrating the cinematically surreal, bizarre, cult, oddball, fantastique, strange, psychedelic, and the just plain WEIRD! A pregnant teenager flees home after discovering that she may be sacrificed to the mysterious pit-dwelling creature worshipped by her remote community. An aimless young man (Lou Taylor Pucci) takes an impromptu trip to Italy and becomes involved with an alluring genetics student (Nadia Hilker) who harbors a transformative secret. A 1950s documentary preaching tolerance towards heterosexual transvestites is a bit offbeat.

Tobe Hooper’s disgusting tale of the cannibalistic Sawyer Family, slashing through Texas one teen at a time! Photo credit: ShutterDivision/, © Copyright 2020 Canstar Blue Pty Ltd ACN 142 285 434 All Rights Reserved. This summer camp gone slasher is the definition of campy, with an ending you’ll remember. Giant Octopus is essentially – well not essentially – it is, a battle between two larger-than-life prehistoric sea creatures as they battle each other for “supremacy of the sea”.

This epiphany opened up a whole new wide world of weird possibilities that encompassed everything from the obvious (David Lynch) to the unexpected (Pilipino all-midget spy adventures) under one umbrella. For the first time on home video, you can experience Clive Barker’s original director’s cut of Nightbreed with over 40 minutes of new footage, all mastered in high definition from the original camera negative! The key determinant is that each movie gives me that I-know-it-when-I-see-it feeling; a film that makes my skin crawl, my jaw drop, or just causes me to mutter to myself, “Now that’s weird….”. What a plot twist. So, read below to check out the best horror movies to watch on Tubi!

On their way, they’re carjacked and kidnapped by low-rent crooks Dennis Farell (Shea Whigham) and Lacey Belisle (Rachel Krebs), who take the victims and their SUV to a nearby gas station. We know titles like these make it tricky to decide on a movie to watch on family night, so we’ve done you a favour by narrowing down 10 of the strangest – and possibly greatest – movies that Tubi has to offer. Alice drowns while swimming and her family begins experiencing inexplicable events in their home. Canstar Blue's website terms and conditions apply. During the presidential election of 1988, a teenager named Donnie Darko sleepwalks out of his house one night and sees a giant, demonic-looking rabbit named Frank, who tells him the world will end in 28 days. I just need my laptop, geez.” Excellent optimism from someone who has narrowly been escaping death from the crazed monster he created. Sometimes, if a movie is very weird, it will make the list ahead of a better movie. It also does a fair bit of satirizing the slasher genre in ways pretty ahead of its time. There’s onetime cop Quentin (Maurice Dean Wint), scientist Holloway (Nicky Guadagni), young math genius Leaven (Nicole de Boer), master of escapes Rennes (Wayne Robson), autistic savant Kazan (Andrew Miller) and architect Worth (David Hewlett), who might have more information on the maze than he lets on. Dawn (Jess Weixler) is an active member of her high-school chastity club but, when she meets Tobey (Hale Appleman), nature takes its course, and the pair answer the call. We made it back in 2017/2018 and it was a blast. We’ll just let the trailer speak for itself on this one. Frank then convinces Julia, his one-time lover, to lure men back to the house so he can use their blood to reconstruct himself.

But when Lugosi’s obscure mutterings about “the big green dragon that sits on your doorstep” and “puppy dog tales and big fat snails” segue into a dream sequence featuring bondage fantasies and a sudden appearance by Old Nick assisting at a wedding, that’s WEIRD.

A group of friends suffer a yachting accident and take refuge on a cruise drifting on the open sea, but quickly realize they were better off on the upturned yacht.

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