roadies season 16

Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
May 23, 2018

Let others know what they should also watch ... No suggestions yet. The Roadies head to their next location, Devangere where they face the money task. The result? Who will they be? Season Premiere: MTV Roadies Rising kicks off! A precap of the very first episode of the legend to become 'Roadies' where the host Cyrus Sahukar gives a glimpse of what MTV is going to unleash on the nation. But when a contestant feels that he is not up for the challenge, Rannvijay quickly shows him the exit. The task demanded the guys to get their nude portraits done. From epic dance-offs to spectacular stunts to arm wrestling, Neha, Rannvijay, Prince, Karan and Nikhil test the contestants' abilities beyond normal limits. Watch as he leaves the contestants with a piece of his mind.

The next day they trek, celebrate Kriti's birthday, have Silk Route perform for them and go their separate ways. Bihu Dance. Kriti Verma wants to quit the game? Cyrus, Roadies Journey - Life @ 500 Rupees Per Day, Roadies Journey - Blind Dates feat. They realize that that location is actually a vote out ground. The other Roadies dress as Superman, Super Girl, Batman, and Cat Woman to rescue him. Who will win this combat between brain and brawn? Sonal and Gaurav are eliminated.

The money task is followed by a direct vote out, but Rannvijay gives the eliminated Roadies a chance to get back into the game. Little did the Roadies know that amongst all this fun they'll have to evict one of their own. MTV Roadies is a youth-based popular reality television show on MTV India. Vikas is eliminated in the vote out.

Vikas defeats Himani to win Roadies 9.

The black box twist returns, and this time, Aanchal grabs it.

The roadies head to Bomdila, where a money task awaits them. Rannvijay scolds Jatin for pressing the button to electrocute his mother, Naaz in the Chandigarh audition. In the immunity task they have to bear electric shocks.

Stay tuned as the adventure has just begun! However, when it comes to the vote out, there is a small twist. Watch as the judges share their constructive feedbacks and more, in a yet another grueling audition round of Roadies.

This is what Apoorva Gole hears from the judges after putting her inspirational story at the table. Gang Nikhil and Gang Rannvijay are competing in a task called Conquer the Kila involving archery, but with a twist. However, Nisha Dhaundiyal, with her spectacular flexibility surpasses the fierce competition and steals the show! Dance, drama, mimicry, you name it!

Out of the four, who will secure their spot for the Culling Round?

Palak wins the Roadies title by beating Ramandeep in the final task. The Roadies have to consume the strong drink of the Maasai warriors' strong drink before the money task.

After proving their strength, intelligence, agility and composure the warriors prepare to prove their perseverance in the weirdest possible way. Finally, the wait is over!

The Roadies compete with each other in a MMA task to win immunity. After Samiksha gets eliminated in an unusual vote out, the gang leaders must give it their all in the Rang Dheela task.

They have to find a job in lieu of some eatables. The Roadies compete in a shooting challenge.

When one of Nikhil's Gang Members pushes the barricade while performing a task despite Gaelyn's warnings, Neha loses it.

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