bass dulcimer kit

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Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
May 23, 2018

Not remotely satisfied with this kit for the price paid.

The following buyer’s guide will help you find the hammered dulcimer that will fit your playing style and experience level. There isn’t anything that you’d want in a hammered dulcimer that the Masterworks Sapelli Pioneer package doesn’t provide. Most often the hammered dulcimer is tuned to the circle of fifths. EMI creates a large number of ethnic musical instruments. For example, they also have the name cimbalom, hackbrett, salterio, tympanon, and that’s just a few. It has a very nice sound and if you are captivated by Appalachian music, this dulcimer is really a must. SALA Musik is an instrument maker that specializes in ethnic instruments.

However, if you already have tuning wrenches and extra strings, you may not need as many accessories included. So, make sure that you want a hammered dulcimer that is tuned to the G scale before you purchase this product. Masterworks is a group of instrument maker craftsmen from southeast Oklahoma. This hammered dulcimer has ten treble and nine bass strings.

Musicmakers makes one hammered dulcimer. It was my first ever instrument build. I recommend it highly as the first instrument building project, and I cannot wait to build the next instrument, perhaps a five string open back banjo ?

Like a couple of other products on this list, the Ekberi hammered dulcimer is a Persian 9 Kharak Santoor. I don't usually buy kits but, as with several other Stewmac kits, I wanted to build some small instruments quickly for a local arts and crafts event that my guitar shop sponsors.The dulcimer kit went together quickly, though I found that the sides were over bent giving a very narrow waist, so I re-bent them to make the waist wider. They also make great student instruments. Dan demonstrates how to fix a crack in a boutique acoustic guitar. Put the front on first and make sure you take this measurement AS you install the back. The key to building a good first instrument is NOT how it looks, it is how it plays. Also, keep in mind that hammered dulcimers and mountain dulcimers are very different instruments.

They arrived early and in perfect shape. Plus, it is a kit, so you will receive everything you need to play the hammered dulcimer. Masterworks’ Sapelli Pioneer Package Dulcimer is a hammered dulcimer that has fifteen treble and fourteen bass courses. It is made from walnut and other hardwoods.

So, if you want a bunch of instruments from around the world, this is the hammered dulcimer maker to buy from. The brand currently makes five different dulcimers, of which the Single Strung Dulcimer is one. Scale length is 25 7/8”. Masterwork’s Pioneer Package Dulcimer illustrates what makes this company so great.

This instrument has a wide range—over three octaves.

I had an enjoyable few days working on this Dulcimer Kit. Overall this would be a very good kit for a beginner. I installed kerfing on mine, not in the kit. It has a Sapelli soundboard, laminated birch back, maple bridges, and ash endrails. Obviously, their long history shows Masterworks’ expertise and knowledge. There is a little bit of variation that can occur from hammer to hammer. But, Alizadeh does include an extra set of strings and tuning tool with the purchase of their hammered dulcimer. Now that you know the eight best hammered dulcimers available, I will tell you how to choose between them. Finally, you will want to look at the number and type of accessories provided with your purchase. Also...the instructions are part of the sale....other tools, like clamps and bandsaws help like a lot.

Biggest Acoustic Guitar Kit Sale of the Year! Musicmakers has tuned this instrument and placed the notes to make this hammered dulcimer extremely easy to play. Therefore, you will find Turkish instrument, Persian instrument, Ouds, Darbukas, and other types of ethnic instruments made by the company. DON'T MISS A BEAT, sign up for StewMac news. There will always be more treble strings than bass strings. Both kits and instruments have solid wood fretboards, … The company only produces a couple hammered dulcimers available for purchase in the United States. Another feature that often varies form hammered dulcimer to hammered dulcimer is the tuning system. The large number of courses means that this hammered dulcimer has over a three octave range. Length, Width and depth are 36” x 8” x 3.13”. Once again, we are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Go here to learn more.

One thing you should always look for is that your hammered dulcimer comes with some kind of a case. So you are on your own to figure out how to assemble this unsuual instrument with no visual help (not like you can go down to your local Dulcimer store and lookout a real one).

Hammered dulcimers are actually a percussion instrument, even though their name makes them sound like a string instrument.

These kits exceeded our expectations. They are especially known for their large selection of harps and accessories. However, the number of strings that cross the bridges does change. The dulcimer kit went together quickly, though I found that the sides were over bent giving a very narrow waist, so I re-bent them to make the waist wider. It has fifteen treble and fourteen bass courses, which creates an over three octave range. Plus, the bass pitch can vary. And, so it makes sense that their student instruments would be wonderful as well.

It has a Sapelli soundboard, laminated birch back, maple bridges, and ash endrails. 1 ¾ octave of those three is fully chromatic. But, the SALA dulcimer is tune to 9 Kharak Santoor, for those familiar with Persian music.

EMI’s brand Roosebeck created hammered dulcimers. So, you will never struggle to find notes to play. I had to change the construction technique a little as I wanted to bind the soundboard and back. Scale length is 29.25”. Easy to build!

Because of all the courses, this hammered dulcimer has the largest range of any on our top eight list. The basic instructional drawings don't match the kit, and there are no real photos or even drawings of the finish product. For the money this should include good assembly instructions.

Finally, the Pioneer Package Dulcimer comes with a light case, x-brace stand, student hammers, tuner, tuning wrench, and how-to pamphlets in addition to the instrument itself.

Roosebeck is another great hammer dulcimer maker. Thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us. Musicmakers is another instrument maker that specializes in folk instruments. Very easy and practically fool proof. Length, width and depth are 32” x 7 1/2” x 2 5/8”. It comes with a hard case to protect the instrument. It has seventeen treble and sixteen bass courses.

I expect a change! Unless requested otherwise, they all feature scroll heads, heartshaped sound holes, fourstring set up, nickel/silver fretted fingerboards with strum hollow, quality mechanical tuning machines and solid wood tops and backs.

Most hammered dulcimer makers include two hammers with their instruments. It can play twenty-seven different notes. Designed in collaboration with Billy Gibbons for Righteous Big Texas Tone! But, don’t let the large number of courses scare you. All frets must touch the straight edge.

Clearly, hammers are extremely personal to the player. CALL TO PLACE YOUR ORDER: 707-494-6423 Each Model below represents a specific shape, size, and combination of wood. Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. It was real fun to build the dulcimer, you just need to take your time and be thorough. I have made 7 StewMac uke kits this year.

The brand is a part of the company Ethnic Musical Instruments (EMI).

Overall this would be a very good kit for a beginner. So the kit will make a nice dulcimer but you either need previous building experience or the ability to research online. And, you are not beholden to the color of the wood, as you can choose from black, brown, or natural stain options. They only currently offer one hammered dulcimer in the United States. Also see: Top 7 Best Bagpipes of 2020 Reviews. So, you will never have to worry about having enough notes to play. Our goal is a full-sized, long-lasting, easily-tuned, and easily-played instrument with a dulcimer sound. I did purchase some kerfing and the spruce soundboad as well. Each has a lacquered, hand-rubbed finish.

I found this Dulcimer project interesting, but not up to the standards for quality control and easily understandable instructions I expected. Top 8 Best Hammered Dulcimers On The Market 2020 Reviews, Top 8 Best Hammered Dulcimers Of 2020 Reviews, Masterworks Sapelli Pioneer Package Dulcimer.

Therefore, it is a good weight for children as well as adults to use. Our dulcimer kits can easily be assembled with Elmer’s glue, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a hammer.

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