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Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
May 23, 2018

Non-“operators” seem to give a shit about people using the term than actual “operators” do. 10. Gun Bunnies 5. What is old is new again industry ideas. Who is the most annoying member of the tribe? 1. (Not a contractor, never been a contractor, will likely never be a contractor.). Rails & BUIS used to be a big one… and a lawsuit happy crowd too! OPSEC/PERSEC breaches (books, photos, etc.) Who is most likely to go to Cambodia and get a license to drive a tuk tuk? Bugger, john beat me to it, 9mm v .45 or even 7.62 v 5.56mm always a good one over this side of the pond, MARPAT vs Multicam (I think this has enough traffic to be a totally different category from camouflage), Arc’teryx vs TAD vs Patagonia vs Crye Precision. .45acp vs 9mm come on you had to see that one !!! I guess I was being redundant. Christians Living Together Before Marriage. Failure drill shot placement

Oh yeah, I forgot the M27 IAR…”Don’t make me give up my suppressive firepower!! Can You Call Yourself a Cook if You Don't Bake ? Who mistakenly thinks they're safe in this game? How much to spend on scope/rifle/ninjas and is that good enough for both CQB and sniping zombies. Eotech vs aimpoint, Lets not forget the passive aggressive response to complaints about 1911s. Lists of Touchy Subjects that exclude anything that a particular reader thinks should be on the list and/or a particular subject not being high enough on the list. IPSC v IDPA The Touchy Subject. Magazines Who most easily succumbs to intimidation? lol) 5. Ammo prices. 6.8 SPC performance Vermont Dog Trainer - Ove… 33. 9. Weapons Lube Conceal Carry placements (AIWB, IWB, OWB, Ankle)

Magpul marketing/politics Used that yesterday when someone asked “Where’s your costume?” I replied, “I’m the guy schtupin’ yer mom.” , he asked “So you’re dressed as the guy schtupin’ my mom?” I said “No”. 1911 v Glock Can You Call Yourself a Cook if You Don't Bake ?. Vermont Dog Trainer - Overweight Dogs - Talking Dogs Radio Show, 33. Find more similar words at! Why is this piece of Kit so expensive for what it does? We reserve the right to refuse advertising to anyone !” [rolleyes], Fastest I’ve ever seen a group of guys go from friendly to pissed off was when the topic of reload techniques was brought up. Touchy Subjects is a recurring challenge that made it's debut in Survivor: Hawaii, commonly occuring during the individudal phase of the game. Touchy Subjects is a recurring challenge that made it's debut in Survivor: Hawaii, commonly occuring during the individudal phase of the game. I’m not sure I understand. Who do you think doesn't deserve to return for another season? The terms “Operator” and “Tactical” boots / footwear That’s a pretty solid list top to bottom. The BBC artist page for Touchy Subject. Reflective belts and why troops must model them….

/ .45 ACP vs. Every other round ever made or that will be made. Lists in general i.e. Who would you like to be stranded with in a real island? Retired guys in the training industry? Who is most likely to be arrested for punching someone in the face? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Camouflage 2. and Comments (RSS). The best part is that most often the perception of who was “first” is wrong.

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