list some of the advantages of the minie ball

Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
Why Biometrics Are The Future of Access Control
May 23, 2018

The Minie Ball  was also invented to create a bullet that would cause catastrophic damage because that would cause battles to be more one sided and the war to end quicker.

Prior to the Minié ball, balls had to be jammed down the rifle barrel, sometimes with a mallet, and after a relatively small number of shots, gunpowder residue built up in the spiral grooves, which then had to be cleaned out. Captain James H. Burton, an armorer at the Harpers Ferry Armory, developed an improvement on Minié's design when he added a deep cavity at the base of the ball, which filled up with gas and expanded the bullet's rim upon firing. But with the introduction of nitrated cellulose powders (smokeless) velocities climbed to the point that leading was becoming a significant problem, so the introduction of gilding metal, a copper-zinc alloy or copper washed mild steel jacket surrounding the lead core gave protection against lead fouling. The Minié ball was made with soft lead and had a hollow base that expanded when fired causing major damage to opposing soldiers.

The bullet was invented because rifles were hard to reload and they wernt always accurate.

The Minie Ball was such a lethal bullet it caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in the civil war. When the rifle was fired, the expanding gas pushed forcibly on the base of the bullet, deforming the skirt to engage the rifling. Over half of those killed remain unidentified. The already deadly weapon (rifle) was made twice as deadly with the Minie Ball. Regardless of the material all hunting and self-defense pistol bullets need to expand to provide for humane hunting kills and to stop a violent aggressor in a self-defense situation. For warefare wise the Minie Ball had a good impact for the side using it because it had a lot of advantages and it was easy to mas s produce for troops. On arrival, the projectile will go to work.

The gases would expand the hollow skirt engaging the rifling. The negative impact could be that also. Prior to the Minié ball, balls had to … Bullet, an elongated metal projectile that is fired by a pistol, rifle, or machine gun. Bullets have come a long way since rocks were the primary projectile. The bullet must provide a seal preventing gas leakage around the bullet. Slingers in ancient and medieval times used lead projectiles. Enter the Minié Ball, an elongated, conical bullet with a hollow base. To be effective the bullet must deform or expand. Most handgun projectiles have flat bases while some rifle bullets have a tapered base called a ‘boat tail’ which gives the bullet some aerodynamic advantages over the conventional flat base. Lead, easily cast, soft and dense was the ideal material for projectiles. At 1000 fps (feet per second) and 1:12 spin means the rotation of the bullet is 1000 revolutions per second(rps), or 60,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), at 3000 fps and a 1:7 twist the bullet is turning a significant rpm, about 308,571, typically in the military M16 class of rifles. France.

It is said that the Minie Ball had to do with 90%  of the deaths of the war. The curvy part is the ogive, and the straight part is the body, as it is in contact with the rifling it is commonly referred to as the ‘bearing surface’. He went into convulsions and became paralyzed on one side of his body, but started recovering within eight days of being hospitalized.

[7] The damage to bones and resulting compound fractures were usually severe enough to necessitate amputation.

History of the Minie ball Creation of the Minie Ball An idea for the Minie ball first sprouted in the mind of Not only the shape of the bullet, but its trajectory, the way it comes out of the barrel when its fired, and the way the damage they cause are all similar. If a Minié ball struck a bone, it usually caused the bone to shatter. (See bore.) It devastated soldiers when they were hit with it. Minié bullets were designed to be faster to load in military rifles of the period than patched round balls, esp.

All rights reserved. Minié ball definition: a conical rifle bullet , used in the 19th century, manufactured with a hollow base... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples A type of conical projectile for mid 19th century rifles.

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