CCTV Camera Types – Differences Explained

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CCTV Camera Types

CCTV Camera Types – Differences Explained

Over the years, security cameras have evolved to become what they are today. When you are browsing and doing your research, it would be best to make sure that you know the types of cameras that are available. It’s not just the different functions of the cameras that you need to consider, but also the look of the camera. Do you want a CCTV camera mounted on a wall, or are you looking for an almost discreet eye on your ceilings? There are about 5 types of cameras available; the infrared camera, the dome camera, the pro box camera, the pan tilt zoom camera and the hidden camera.

The Infrared Camera

Easily one of the most popular cameras out there, the infrared camera will give you a colourful, high-resolution feed during the day, and when the building is dark, the camera will record in infrared imagery. This camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Dome Camera

This is your more discreet camera. It records in a coloured, high-resolution, just like the infrared, but it can also move around. These cameras are also ideally used indoors.

The Pro Box Camera

What’s great about the pro box camera is that the lenses can be changed based on the viewing angle as well as the zoom you might need. These cameras can also be switched from day to night cameras, without compromising on the quality of the video feed.

The Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

While these cameras will need a little more cable for installation, they remain a fantastic option for zooming in exactly where you need to see. Again, you will get great visibility from these CCTV cameras and they are ideal for all kinds of offices.

The Hidden Camera

The name says it all! These cameras will give you the highest level of surveillance but they have the disadvantage of not having strong low light capabilities.

The other CCTV cameras you should have a look at is the wireless kind. They require minimal effort to install and they will still provide a high-resolution image.

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